Office Painting in Nairobi

When painting corporate offices or an office building, there are some considerations that are specific to office painting, and should be discussed with the office painters.

  • Will the painting take place during business hours or after hours?
  • Who will move the furniture, filing cabinets, pictures and other equipment
  • Does the systems furniture move and who is qualified to disassemble and assemble it after painting?
  • Is the painting contractor insured?
    Often painters need to work in high security areas and areas where payroll, HR and other sensitive documents are kept. Does the painting contractor use its own staff painters( on payroll), or will they sub-out the project to the so called “sub” of the day?

No paint odours, minimal disruption

Office-interior   Minimalist-Office-Interior-Design-ideas

When planning indoor commercial painting projects, the quality and durability of the paint being used is only one of the factors involved. Office painters should have environmental standards. The coatings used during office painting may have a negative effect on the Indoor air Quality of the building. Ask the painting contractor if they have a written environmental policy. If your building is, or eventually will be certified, the architectural paints used are very important.
When office painting, colour can be used as a powerful tool for designing a productive work environment. Planned right, the correct choices can maximize productivity, enhance employee creativity and even reduce stress and fatigue.

Are you a  Manager looking for a painting contractor in the Nairobi  area or even in Kenya?
call 254 723 957547 or email us at


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