Exterior Painting

Feel like adding a splash of colour to your neighborhood? Hire a Eco’s Professional Painter Ltd for your next external painting job.

We realise that every house is different and is often your most valuable asset, so you can rely on us to treat your project with the utmost care and professionalism.

When Painting the exterior of your Nairobi  House, or building, the Painters you hire will determine how long your paint job will last.


Preparation work
– Scraping and sanding of all loose and peeling paint down to a sound surface
– Spot priming of all bare surfaces with sufficient primer
– Wash or pressure wash chalky areas and mildew
– Caulk windows and door frames with acrylic siliconized caulking
– Glossy existing paint is sanded to help the new paint adhere better
– Removal and masking of hardware to protect it from paint
– Wood knots and “saps” are shellac primed to prevent them from coming through the finish coat
– Rusted metal is spot-primed with rust primer

Our painters apply one or two coats of the specified quality paint. The manufacturer’s painting recommendations are followed. Care is again taken to protect adjacent areas from paint.

The painters will clean the area relatively clean every day by removing paint chips and taking away garbage daily. Our work staging area is kept neat and organized.

After we carefuly inspect the painted area, the customer checks the area with the project manager. After the customer is satisfied, a completion and feedback form is filled and signed

Exterior House Painters in Kenya

We work with you to plan exactly what your objectives and expectations are and include colour consultation before any work is done on your house.

Eco’s Professional Painters Ltd are experts in their field with many years of industry experience so you can feel confident that your external painting project receives the attention it deserves.

From our paint down to the brushes, we only use paint materials of the very highest quality, because here at Eco’s Professional Painting we believe that our customers deserve the very best in all aspects of the job.

Exterior House Painters in Nairobi

So make your house stand out from the crowd, and give it the attention it deserves.

Call Eco’s Professional Painting Ltd, the external painting specialists on+254 723 957547  or email  ecopaintingltd@gmail.com


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