Factors affecting cost of painting

Size of the condominium unit
– How many bedrooms, bathrooms?
– Layout (open space design, or not?)
– Reason for painting (a quick clean-up type paint job for Real Estate purposes is cheaper)
– What is currently on the walls (colour and sheen)
– The condition of the walls (how much repair is needed)
– Are ceilings getting painted? If they are are they textured? Have they been sealed before?
– Are closets being painted and if they are, how big are they? Are there any shelving systems?
– Is the condo being painted empty or furnished? If it is furnished, who would move the furniture?
– Are the floors getting done as well? If yes, before or after the painting?

painters in Nairobi
painters in Nairobi

Paint Quality and colour preferences

– Name brand of paint preferred

– Colour (certain colours require additional coats to hide the previous colour)

– Sheen selection. A higher sheen paint will show more imperfections and needs more prep-work.

– How many colours will be used

– Are there going to be any focus or highlight walls?

– Will the doors, frames, baseboards and other trim be painted in stark white (sometimes it needs extra coats of paint)

Area to be Painted

This thing is important to consider on how many paint that you have to buy, so it is included on 25% of cost of paint. The areas which will be painted are including the surfaces amount, the complexity of the result, and the types of substrate. The complexity could affect how many color and how many gallons that you will require. Types of substrate also will affect which kind of paint you will need to buy, whether it is wood, aluminum, normal wall, or the other.

Cost of Labour

If the paint will take about 25% of total cost, the cost of labor will take about 75% from the total cost. In this point, you can choose whether you want to do everything by yourself or hiring a painting contractor. In fact, doing everything by yourself may make everything cheaper, but there are also some other things that will cost some extra money; such as renting a pressure water/sprayer, scaffolding, and other supplies.


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